The official language is Dzongkha (language of the fort). English is widely spoken in major towns and is a medium of education in schools. The people in the south speak Nepali. There are a host of local dialects spoken in small pockets within the country. Besides, most people do speak Hindi due to Bhutan’s proximity to India.  All our guides speak fluent English.
The crime rate is extremely low, making Bhutan one of the safest places on earth. It is rare to feel at all insecure within the country. You can walk freely at any places and at any time of the day without any fear of being robbed. Bhutanese citizens in general give high respect to all foreign visitors.
Guides & Escorts
The Kingdom of Bhutan requires that all travelers entering on a tourist visa be accompanied by local guide or escort certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan. This assures that all travelers are safe and well cared for during their stay. In addition it insures that the sights and marvels of Bhutan are respected and protected from accidental injustices that might occur. Please rest assured that our guides, while with you to all parts of your journey, give all the space and privacy you require to Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks in your “own space”.