PanneerSelvam Ramasamy

    02 Jan 2019
    My family really enjoyed the time in Bhutan during the last week of December 2018 in western Bhutan. Places we liked very much are Chagri Dorjeden/Cheri Monastery and meditation center located at the northern end of the Thimphu Valley, Taktsang Monastery (Tiger Nest) in Paro, Largest statue of Sitting Buddha at KuenselPhodrang, Thimphu and Dochula Pass on the way to Punakha. Chagri Dorjeden/Cheri Monastery was less crowded with good scenic views compared to Tiger Nest. We were really pleased with the silence and ambience of Chagri Dorjeden/Cheri Monastery meditation center. Thank You Tamang for arranging a wonderful and memorable trip to western Bhutan. Looking forward for another trip to Central and Eastern Bhutan in future.

    Nalley Tim

    20 Jan 2019
    My trip to Bhutan was exceptional under the leadership and guidance of Tamang at Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks. The views were spectacular the culture rich and the people were absolutely amazing. The only thing better than the sights the food and the culture was the staff. Mr Tamang and his crew were top notch. I will be returning and I will be hiring this tour guide again.

    Ioan Chetan

    28 Nov 2019
    Everything was perfect! We felt, in every instance, that our guide truly cared about us. HB Tamang was a superb guide in all respects. He was clear, helpful, informative, respectful and friendly, very knowledgeable, very caring about us and our experience and very easy to be with. We could not have asked for more. He was more like a friend. I cannot recommend him and Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks highly enough. The tour, Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks, was well organized and willing to adapt their schedule to our needs. The accommodations in Bhutan were superb. I really enjoyed Bhutan, nice people, good food and beautiful Country. Environmentally friendly . There was the perfect mix of activity, time to relax and being part of the cultural experience. Had a great time. Views of Himilayas were amazing. A must for those who want to experience something amazing and slighty different. Thank you Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks and thank you Tamang because you managed to make everything perfect!

    Sonny Wahl

    04 Dec 2019
    We have been to Bhutan 2 times on tour with Mr Tamang and very much enjoyed our time there. The country is absolutely beautiful, the people friendly and accommodations comfortable. I would highly recommend this company for any type travel. They take good care of you , look after your safety and will introduce you to some of the most beautiful scenery and culture you will ever see. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

    Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz

    09 Dec 2019
    My wife and I have made several trips to Bhutan and we have always used the excellent services of Bhutanese Tours. HB is an excellent host and made us feel so welcomed. He was most attentive and helpful in every way. We can not give any higher recommendation to you than to choose HB Tamang and his excellent tour service.