Our Mission & Vision

Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks mission is to ensure personalized travel plans for each enquire we receive. We assure prompt replies within 24 hours and place high value on quality and attention to details, and will meet our clients’ expectations by providing knowledge and skills in the latest travel products. The results of our mission will be our satisfied customers who return home and recommend Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks to their friends and colleagues for once in a lifetime trip to Bhutan. Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks employees and owner are outdoor adventure and travel enthusiasts who will accompany you in your entire trip to ensure that your stay in Bhutan is homely, pleasant and safe without any incidents, Further we dedicate ourselves to serve our most demanding to humble guests and assist in every possible way to fulfill their needs. We know this task is bit challenging and certainly needs dedication and patience but we learn from every instance that we encounter since learning is a never ending process if we take it to heart. This pursuit is guided by our integrity and devotion.
Our vision is to meet people from all over the world who come from different culture, language and religion and to exchange with them to better understand and respect each other’s religion, culture and tradition and be part of a big family.