Why Bhutan?

Bhutan is a unique blend of the old and new.  This is a country where the past is still present. Those who are fortunate enough to visit Bhutan describe it as a unique, deeply spiritual and mystical land. Visiting this kingdom is an adventure like no other.

Imagine a travel destination where cyber cafés and mail carriers to remote places coexist; think of a place where Toyota vehicles and riding ponies, modern farming machines and Ploughing oxen run simultaneously. Dream of a place where you can experience everything exotic, starting from phallus-welding clowns during festivals to thrilling drives along the snaking roads crawling amidst dense wilderness, exhilarating white water rafting to torturous trekking, medieval fortresses sprouting from the top of the cliffs to innocent village folks facing foreigners with a maiden’s shyness. This is not an imaginary world! This is real. This is Bhutan, the last Shangri-La known as Druk-Yul- the dragon kingdom (literally translated), a tiny speck of 38,394 km² mountainous nation, sandwiched between the two giants, China in the North and India in the South. If one had to describe Bhutan in 3 words, Bhutan is Magical, Surreal and un-Americanized.

This is the country, which has attracted the world’s attention by daring to advocate its unique economic development policy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a truer/better indicator of measuring development, thereby challenging the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) parameters.