Responsible Tourism

At Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks, we are determined to make tourism (for both guests and hosts), more meaningful and sustainable by committing ourselves to pursue the principles of Responsible Tourism as one of our core values. Since all tourists to Bhutan have to be routed through local tour operators, we realize that we have a big responsibility in determining the impacts of tourism on the socio-economic situations in the country.

Practicing of responsible tourism will have all positive impacts like minimizing negative economy, environmental and social values, generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the wellbeing of the local communities in the host country.

Thousands of people travel to Bhutan for holiday resorts each year and these visitors can make a real difference – both good and bad. By following responsible tourism practices visitors can help protect the natural environment, traditions and culture – the things that make holidays special!!

We can educate and improve the well being of local communities by spreading the benefit of each visit to those who really need it. Managing tourism in a responsible way can help ensure that there are great places for us all to visit – for generations to come.

Responsible tourism is about making a positive difference when we travel.
Enjoying ourselves and at the same time taking responsibility for our actions
Respecting local cultures and the natural environment.
Giving fair economic returns to local people
Helping to spread the benefit of our visit to those who need it most.
Recognizing that water and energy are precious resources for our survival that we need to use them carefully and teach the locals practice the same.

Protecting endangered wildlife, natural environment and preserving the cultural heritage of the places we visit for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people who live there.

At the operational level, the components of this grand vision are being translated into conspicuous actions. For instance, if we are a tour operator, we have to use Liquid Petroleum Gas to cook and heat during our entire tour so as not to put pressure on wood and forest resource. Bhutan by the way has ambitiously sworn to keep its present forest cover of 72% to a minimum of 60% for all times to come. Our forests would definitely act as a mini carbon sinks for the global emission of Carbon dioxide. We are seriously considering on benefits of carbon trading.

It is mandatory for all tour operators to collect and carry back trash from the trekking routes and dispose properly. Annually, cleaning campaigns are being organized to promote clean environment. Awareness campaigns on aspects of pollution, cultural erosion, health education, and sustainable livelihood tips etc., during tours is a part of our package for visitors. Eco-tourism is gaining greater momentum. If you are a guest of Bhutan Everest Tours & Treks, it is a taboo to use detergents in streams, springs and rivers. You have to stay only in designated campsites, respect the local culture and be a Bhutanese for a while!