Glimpse of Bhutan

Location: Landlocked between India & China (880 45’ & 920 10’ E Longitude & 260 42’ & 280 15’ N Latitude)
Total Area: 38,394 square kilometers
Altitude: 100m in south to 7500 m in the north above sea level.
Political System: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Thimphu
Population: 797,765 (est. 2016)
Official Religion: Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism
Language: Dzongkha (official) Nepali & English
Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT
Electricity: 220 volt
Forest Coverage: 72.5 percent of the total land area.
Country Code: +975
Money: Ngultrum (Nu) at parity with Indian rupee.
National Dress: Gho (man) Kira (Women)
National Animal: Takin
National Sports: Archery
National Bird: Raven
National Flower: Blue Poppy